This site has initially been designed to provide access to resources for teaching history according to the National Australian Curriculum. Covering all years to Year 7, it is intended mainly for primary school teachers in South Australia. The colonial focus is on South Australia's history, although material included at all levels covers other States as well. The local history focus begins with the Barossa, Two Wells and Adelaide Plains areas of South Australia. I hope, however, to build and extend the resources for other geographic areas in due course, as more materials and documents are added. Please email me with suggestions. I will acknowledge your contributions.
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In Year 6, entries on David Unaipon from Australian Geographic and Douglas Mawson from Adelaidia

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The resources listed under each year level are intended as an introduction to the subject. Once resources have been viewed and discussed, students would benefit from asking questions arising from the resources and then follow the inquiry process to find answers to their questions. Ideally the student research would lead to discussions making comparisons and judgements related to their topic and possibly lead to further action of some kind.


The topics below are those outlined in The Australian Curriculum for History, accessible at

Why teach history?
This movie clip has some entertaining and very good reasons:

How to frame teaching approaches so that students learn to think deeply and reflect on their learning:

The website Enodatio is a comprehensive and thoughtful presentation of pedagogies that work.

Several primary sources are available online, and more are being added all the time. I hope to include as many as possible as they become available. Teachers will know about Trove from the National Library of Australia, as well as the South Australiana and History Resources websites of the State Library of South Australia. Students should also get to know the prestigious online Australian Dictionary of Biography In the coming months, the Wakefield Companion to South Australian History will also become available as a useful online tool for teachers and other history enthusiasts. (The book is already published in paper form.)

A wealth of resources is accessible on Scootle along with the capability to create resource-based learning paths, tasks and assessment for students.

Pegi Williams Bookshop home page also has a spot listing books, both non-fiction and fiction, that are relevant to each topic and year level in the curriculum. This is a work in progress. The shop staff try to make sure that all items are available and not out of print.

A timeline of Australian history from the National Film and Sound Archive

Foundation Personal and Family Histories

Year 1 Past and Present Family Life

Year 2The Past in the Present: A Study of Local History

Year 3 Community and Remembrance

Year 4 First Contacts (World history, Movement of Peoples, European Exploration of the World and Colonization to 1800)

Year 5 The Australian Colonies: Colonial Australia in the 1800s

Year 6 Australia as a Nation, Particularly After 1900

Year 7 The Ancient World to 650 AD (CE)