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China – Journey to the East

This site, created as part of a touring exhibition by the British Museum, gives useful patterns for making Chinese crafts and objects like a kite, musical instruments and an abacus. The slideshows of food, technology etc. are slow to load and navigation between sections is not self-evident.

Chinese history at the website of Mr Dowling

A film clip of a History Teacher's song about the rise and fall of Chinese dynasties

Two Outlines of the Periods of Chinese history
Wolfram Eberhard, "A History of China", University of California Press, 1977
Xia Dynasty (c. 2100 – c. 1600 BC)
Shang Dynasty (c. 1700–1046 BC)
Zhou Dynasty (1046–256 BC)
Spring and Autumn Period (722–476 BC)
Warring States Period (476–221 BC)
Imperial era
Qin Dynasty (221–206 BC
Han Dynasty (202 BC–AD 220)
Western Han
Xin Dynasty
Eastern Han
Wei and Jin Period (AD 265–420)

Wu Hu Period (AD 304–439)

Southern and Northern Dynasties (AD 420–589)

Sui Dynasty (AD 589–618)
Tang Dynasty (AD 618–907)
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (AD 907–960)
Song, Liao, Jin, and Western Xia Dynasties (AD 960–1234)
Yuan Dynasty (AD 1271–1368)
Ming Dynasty (AD 1368–1644)
Qing Dynasty (AD 1644–1911)
The emergence of Feudalism 1699 – 1028BC
Mature feudalism 1028-500BC

Dissolution of the Feudal system 500-250BC
Military Rule 250-200BC

Early gentry society 200BC-250AD

Epoch of the first Division of China
  • The Three Kingdoms 220-265AD
  • Western Chin Dynasty 265-317AD
  • Alien Empires in North China 317-385AD
  • Toba Empire in North China 385-550AD
  • Northern Ch’I dynasty, northern Chou dynasty 550-580AD
Southern Empires
  • Climax and Downfall of the Imperial Gentry AD 580-950AD
  1. Sui Dynasty 580-618
  2. T’ang dynasty 618-906AD
Second division of China – the five dynasties 906-960AD
Modern Absolutism and the Northern and Southern Sung dynasties to 1279AD
Mongol Epoch 1280-1368AD
Chinese Absolutism 1388-1644AD
Manchu dynasty 1644-1911AD

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