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Click below for the Manchester Children's University site about Ancient Egypt.

It is full of accessible information interspersed with interactive maps, quizzes and activities (including maths using the hieroglyphics in the Egyptian number system) for which children collect codes and then receive a certificate at the end. (Thanks to Kylie Murray for providing details of this site)
History Teachers song and movie clip about King Tut

The River Nile and Ancient Egypt, from the website of Mr Dowling

Brain teaser - Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

There are twelve questions in this quiz, and for each there is a detailed picture of daily life in Egypt, in which to search for the answers. At the end students receive very positive comments about their score.

How did the Egyptians move those enormous stones to build the pyramids? This science report gives you a possible answer and an interesting experiment to try.

A Song About Cleopatra from "Horrible Histories"

Ramose : prince in exile / by Carole Wilkinson. Fitzroy, Vic. : Black Dog Books, 2001.
Ramose was a real person, one of the three sons of the Pharaoh who disappeared during their father's reign. By imagining what happened to him, Wilkinson creates a series of books that are popular with students and that reveal much about daily life and beliefs in ancient Egypt. A good starting point for an historical study.
book cover
book cover

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